Thursday, April 19, 2012

About Me...

I am so excited to be sharing my experiences as a Speech Language Pathologist with you. I have been working as an SLP for almost 10 years. I spent the first 6 years of my career in the public school system working with preschoolers through 21 year olds. I have worked with many different disabilities on varying degrees of severity. The next year and a half, I team tested two and half to five year olds to see if they qualified for special services in the schools. Here, I fell in love with interacting with parents, children and other staff to start to develop a plan on how to help the children make progress.

Then, I had a baby. My daughter has helped me to put so many of my ideas into practice. She shows me that even with the best of intentions, it doesn't always work out the way I expect it to! After two months of maternity leave I realized I couldn't go back full time, so returning to the school system was out of the question. I embarked on a new adventure in the area of contract and private speech therapy. I have worked for a few companies and have had a blast. My favorite part has been the interaction that I get working in homes with the children and their families. I get to see how practice is going and where changes need to be made.

Currently, in addition to seeing private clients, through my own company Barnett Therapy Services and another therapy company, I work a few days a week at a behavior school. This has been like entering a whole new world...and I love it! The challenges there are new, I focus more on the social side of language, which is fun and so real. (I'll talk about that more later!) I have also gotten to learn how much our behavior effects our communication... I feel like I am tiptoeing over into my husbands area of expertise! It's so nice to be able to talk with him about how different mental health issues play a part in communication issues.

My passion for speech really lies in working with parents, teachers, caregivers and others who are interacting with children who have communication needs, from simple articulation errors to complex, language and cognitive disorders. I love to teach and share, to bounce ideas off of others, to learn from parents what makes their child shine and go from there. I hope to share some things that will inspire you as you work with, play with, grow with your child.

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