Friday, June 1, 2012

Read with Me! Book 1 - Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Ok, I am not endorsing this book. It was an interesting read ... maybe not so much for my daughter. We read this book at nap time since I know that we will be out this evening. I am glad I did not put these ideas into her head right before she went to sleep for the night. I have read a few reviews on this book, most are glowing. However, I found myself agreeing more with the negative reviews. This was the first time that I had read this book as it was not one that my parents introduced to me. I guess many people have great memories of this book but this will probably be the last time that we read it at our house.

That being said, for the many, many people who love it there are some great language lessons to be learned. First, there are great vocabulary words: suit, mischief, vines, tumbled, private, gnashed, claws, tamed, rumpus and supper.

There are lots of past tense verbs to practice:
Regular: called, tumbled, sailed, roared, gnashed, rolled, showed, tamed, frightened, called, cried, wanted, smelled, stepped and waved.
Irregular: wore, made, sent, grew, hung, became, said, was, gave and found

You could talk about behavior and consequences, like making mischief and being sent to bed (although he ends up getting the dinner at the end of the book, so...) The mother in this story did not talk with the child about his misbehavior, then gave him what she had said she would not. For consistency in parenting, see 10 Rules for Your Home on my husbands counseling blog.

The best part of the book by far are the illustrations. There are so many details on each page which could lead to some great describing! You could describe the tall trees and the short bushes that grow in his room. You could describe the monsters where the wild things are! You could describe the rumpus and all of the things that the wild things do.

Since I have not had a lot of time with this book, I will rely on other's ideas for activities that go along with the book. You can check out some of those ideas on my Pinterest board.

I hope that you and your children enjoy the book, but if you don't come back tomorrow. We'll be reading We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and I know that you will love that book. We have read it tons of times! Plus we have an activity pack that goes along with it. :) See you tomorrow!

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