Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Read with Me! Book 3 - Mother, Mother I Want Another

Mother, Mother I Want Another by Maria Polushkin Robbins

What a sweet story! Baby mouse is precious from start to finish, even when he is so frustrated that he is shouting, all he wants is another kiss goodnight. I think there is a good lesson for parents here, to remember that when we misunderstand our children we need to try to figure out what they are trying to say. Their language skills are way less advanced than ours, so the burden is on us. The interesting thing is, near the end of the story baby mouse shouts "I want another kiss!" But then at the end he reverts to his less clear version "I want another, mother." This time, there is no panic from Mrs. Mouse, she knows how to interpret his message and responds appropriately!

We read this story for the first time tonight, so I started it off by asking her "what do you think baby mouse wants?" (predicting is a good skill to work on, too!) She looked at the picture and rationalized "another rabbit" (stuffed animal). Good guess. And it gives me some insight into my daughter's thoughts!

Other language skills that could be addressed using this book are:

Sequencing your bedtime routine: You can talk about differences between your bedtime routine and baby mouse's routine. Ours varies from his quite a bit :)

Misunderstandings between parents and children: I already briefly touched on this, but you could talk with older children about what they should do when others misunderstand them. It could lead to a good conversation!

Mother animals and their adorable babies: each new mother that Mrs. Mouse brings to baby mouse is pictured with her own children. The mother/baby pairs are: Mrs. Duck/ ducklings, Mrs. Frog/froglets (could be polliwogs, but definitely not a tadpole), Mrs. Pig/ piglets, Mrs. Donkey/foal and of course Mrs. Mouse/pinkie (or pup or kitten).

Simple rhyming "lullabies": Each new mother sings a lullaby that would be perfect for her own children, but is totally gross for baby mouse and your own child! That being said, there are good rhyming pairs that you can bring up as soon as you read them. Fret/wet, eyes/flies, sleep/keep, hush-a-bye/lullaby. If you want to make up your own check out this link:


Also, check out my pinterest page to see more ideas for Mother, Mother I Want Another.

I hope that you enjoy this story as much as we did! Let me know what you and your child talked about!

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