Thursday, June 21, 2012

Read with Me! Book 10 - Ten, Nine, Eight

Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang

As a tribute to the number 10, we took our photo tonight with her toes! This is a sweet, mellow story that helps to relax a child and prepare her for bed. My daughter loved counting all of the items on the pages and talking about some of the concepts on different pages like snow falling outside a window and why a shoe would be missing (only 7 shoes!). We also enjoyed acting out the story starting at 4 with the sleepy eyes, the kisses goodnight and the big hug. Other language skills that we addressed were:

Counting: We counted the items on each page, but then we went back through the book and just counted backwards from 10 to one, it was a nice way to end the story. If your child cannot count to 10 then help them count as far as they can and have them repeat the rest of the numbers while you count.

Rhyming words: Other than the first rhyming word mishap (warm/room...not a rhyming pair), the whole story rhymes nicely. Snow/row, down/gown, close/nose, head/bed.

Concepts: there are quite a few concepts including size (small, big), quality (soft, pale, straight, strong), shape (square, round), quantity (empty, short), color (yellow), sensation/emotion (sleepy, loving)... and these are just the concepts that are mentioned! There are many others that could be addressed if you talk about the pictures.

At first this books seems simple and straight forward, just a bedtime story counting backwards - but at closer glance this story can contribute to great language development! I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did!

For some activities that go along with Ten, Nine, Eight check out my pinterest page!

If you need the book, I have a link to it on Amazon or check it out at your local library!

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