Monday, June 25, 2012

Read with me! Book 8 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Well, we read the book a while ago and of course loved it, but then we lost it. So sad. But I looked in the same spot for the 48th time tonight and apparently that was the trick, because there it was! So, now days later, I am ready to post about it :)

We love The Very Hungry Caterpillar and this one is particularly special since it was a 1st birthday gift to my daughter from my best friend. Thanks Becky! My favorite thing about this book is listening to my daughter "read" it. We were in the car right after we read it last week (this is probably how we misplaced it!) and she was flipping through the story reading it. "And then he ate one apple! And then he ate two pears!... And then he ate a cake, a ice cream, a green thing (a green thing? well, she doesn't eat a lot of pickles!), a cheese, a hey mom, what's this?" It was so precious. It also tuned me into a few vocabulary words we need to work on! Here are some other language skills that you could address while reading this story:

Healthy vs. Unhealthy: It is a good idea when healthy foods are being presented to just remind our youngsters that they are healthy and delicious. Words like "healthy" and "unhealthy" are important to be apart of our regular vocabulary. The Saturday day of the story has a long list of foods where you can differentiate which ones are healthy and which ones are not.

Days of the Week: This story could be read each day of the week and a snack or meal could feature the same food (or foods). I love to use a calendar when I talk about days of the week with my daughter, we frequently sing the days of the week song. You could draw pictures or find clip art online (or check out my pinterest page for some drawings) of each food and glue them on your calendar to reinforce the concept of one day, names of the days of the week and the concept of a whole week.

Counting: You'll get to count one to five with the clue of how many it is in the story's text ("he at through four strawberries"). Then on Saturday he eats through one of a variety of foods totaling 10, so you can practice counting to 10 there!

Vocabulary: Some good words to discuss the meaning of are: hungry, plums, pickle (we need to work on this one!), salami, Swiss cheese, sausage, stomachache and cocoon (Now, some of you may be screaming "It's a chrysalis!" and I would agree with you but the author had a good reason to use that word. You can check out his explanation here.)

At the end of reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar we love to flap the book pages to make the beautiful butterfly flutter around the room! I hope that you and your child find as much joy in reading this book as we do (every time we read it!).

Also, check out my pinterest page for some other activities that go along with The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

If you need the book, I have a link to it on Amazon or go check out your local library!

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