Monday, June 18, 2012

Read with me! Book 9 - Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear by Nancy White Carlstrom

I was afraid that this story would be about different clothing items, just going through each item (although a book like that has value, it's not what I was looking for).  What I found was a delightful look at the day of Jesse Bear and all of the things that he encountered from getting dressed - it does talk about his clothes - to the sun on his legs to sand on his hand to rice in his hair to the dreams in his head.

I love the fun that we see in the pages. The illustrations are sweet and engaging without being too abstract or busy. Plus, you see that the mother is involved in the life of her child helping to develop his language skills (she asks great open ended questions!)

While reading this book, you can help your child develop his language skills! Here are the things that we talked about when reading tonight:

Rhyming words: red/head, pants/dance, rose/toes, sun/run, sand/hand, chair/there, peas/please, crunch/bunch, bite/white, pear/hair, shirt/dirt, pants/ants, float/boat, feet/seat, blue/boo, you/too, eyes/skies, and bed/head. After reading through the story once or twice, the next time you read it you can pause before the rhyming word to see if your child can say the second rhyming word.

Daily routine: we enjoyed talking about what we wear in the morning and what we ate for lunch today. I especially liked talking about our bedtime routine and hearing what her perception of it is!

Inferencing: There are a few items in the story that require basic inferencing skills. Some have pictures that help the child comprehend the meaning (like "sand on my hand" has a picture of him playing in the sandbox) while others require a little bit of talking. For example, Jesse Bear talks about being "stuck" in his chair. We talked about when my daughter has been "stuck" in her stroller or a grocery cart. It was fun to remember because she often says "I'm stuck" when she is strapped in and I always say "That because you are supposed to be stuck!" Another opportunity to have her think about what something means is when he had a "moustache of white." It took her a while to get that it was a milk moustache. I guess I'll have to show her some of those Got Milk? ads!

Body parts/Clothing Items: while the book does not exclusively focus on body parts or clothing items, they are mentioned a few time and the context is very cute so you'll be able to talk about each body part or clothing item while pointing them out in the pictures. Since this reading program is for 1 to 5 year olds, this would be a good thing to talk about with the younger children. The body parts are: head, toes, legs, arm, hand, hair and eyes. The clothing items are: shirt, pants and pj's.

From what I have seen when looking at books at the library, there are a few other Jesse Bear books. Based on how great this one was, we'll definitely have to check those out, too!

For more activities based on Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? check out my pinterest page!

If you need this book, I have an Amazon link to it or you can check it out at your local library!

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