Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Read with Me! Book 14 - The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdon

At first I was a little nervous that the Troll would scare my daughter (since there are many things that scare her right now...it's a phase, I hope). But she thought he was quite funny so I guess my worries for nothing! We especially loved that they are "Billy" goats since my husband's name is Billy.

Some of the other language concepts that we addressed were:
Prepositions: the goats lived "in" the valley and went "up"the hillside. The bridge went "over" a river and the troll lived "under" the bridge. You can point to the locations as you say them. The pictures are great!

Emotions/Feelings: hungry (they wanted to find a meadow where they could eat and eat and eat!), nervous (just look at the littlest's face! so sweet!), angry (the troll roared), worried (the second says "oh, please..." and tries to reason with the troll), confident (the third goat says "IT IS I..." with a loud voice), pain (that big billy goat attacks the troll), happy (the third joins his brother in the meadow) and full/stuffed (they ate so much they could hardly walk).

I know this is a short post today and that there are many things that you can talk about using this book! It is a great story and would be an excellent one to act out and to ask comprehension questions about.

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If you'd like to own this book, check out my Amazon link below or you can check it out at your library!

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