Thursday, July 5, 2012

Read with Me! Book 16 - Harry the Dirty Dog

Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion

I was so excited when this book was on the best books for kids book lists that I used when I compiled the list of books to read for the Read with Me adventure! I remember reading this story as a child. And isn't that the best part of reading with our kids - letting them experience our favorite childhood memories and adventures?!
Comparatives/ Superlatives: tonight we talked about the concept of dirty, dirtier and dirtiest. I had her help me finish the sentences "and he got very ..." "dirty!"

Inferencing: this story has a few opportunities to "read between the lines." This is too difficult of a task for my 2 1/2 year old but for children a little older it could be a fun activity. At the start of the story he hears "the water running in the tub" For younger children they don't know what will happen next.  When one of the family asks "by the way, has anyone seen Harry?" Does your child know that means they just started thinking about where he was? And can your child figure out why he digs furiously in a corner of the garden? The answer is on the next page :)

Vocabulary: scrubbing, railroad, coal chute, strange, clever, suddenly, furiously and dashed.

Make it up on the spot:  I was so disappointed when I got to the last page and it was ripped in half (the half with the words was missing!). So ... I made it up on the spot! This time we read through it, I ended it with "It's Harry and now he's clean! Harry was so excited that his family recognized him that he loved the bath from that day forward" or something like that! I'm sure what the author wrote was better, but this way it's like a choose your own adventure.

I hope that your copy is complete but if not, make up a great ending! :) Let me know how yours ends!

Bonus Book: I had been meaning to give you extra books that correspond with whatever book I was featuring...well, I guess it's not too late to start that now! I found a book called Super, Super, Superwords by Bruce McMillan that is filled with adjectives and the three degrees of comparison (as explained in the About This Book at the very end). It follows a bunch of kindergarteners through a day in their life. It's "super" cute!

For a few more activities that go along with Harry the Dirty Dog check out my pinterest page!

If you would like to own this book (that's not ripped!), check out my link below or you can check it out at your local library!


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