Sunday, July 8, 2012

Read with Me! Book 17 - The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

This was the first time that my daughter had heard this book. She was enthralled! She could hardly answer the questions that I asked as we read! Recently at our house we have been talking about making good choices and not opening the door for strangers and safety concerns. So when at the beginning of the story the cat comes walking in, we had a brief discussion on whether or not they should have allowed it. We also discussed whether or not the "games" that he played were good. She thought they were good choices...we obviously need to keep working on that skill!

There are lots of language skills that you can work on while you read. Here are a few:

Rhyming - All Dr. Seuss books are filled with rhyming words (many are nonsense words!) and this book is no different! When I am focusing on rhyming words I will read the paragraph and then repeat the two rhyming words. After a while, kids catch on and will say them on their own. This particular book had a child who went through and circled the rhyming words and while I think it's great he was working on rhyming, writing in library books is not something I recommend!

Basic vocabulary - if you have a younger child, you can work on identifying objects that are named in the story. I particularly like the part when the cat is balancing on the ball and holding all sorts of items at once. As you read the items your child can point to them in the picture.

Predicting - looking at the cat with tons of objects balancing in the air as he bounces on a ball you could ask "what do you think will happen?" and see if your child can predict a logical outcome. When the cat comes back in with a big box is another good time to ask your child to predict. The story even gives you a predicting opportunity, when the fish sees the the mother headed home, he asks "oh what will she do to us? What will she say?" Your child can predict if the net will catch Thing 1 and Thing 2 or if they will get the house cleaned up in time.

We enjoyed the story a lot...I'm sure we will be reading it frequently! I hope that you enjoy this story with your child, too!

For some extra activities that can enhance your story time (or next day) check out my pinterest page!

If you are interested in owing this book, I have a link to it on Amazon or check it out at your library!

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