Friday, July 13, 2012

Read with Me! Book 20 - If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff

This book was the perfect excuse to enjoy a cookie with our evening milk (or in my daughter's case, soy milk). This story is very cute. Actually the whole series of If You Give a... books are wonderful! My favorite part of this book is how it reflects the sequence of events that happen in our daily life. Everyday we go through the same steps of getting milk, getting a straw, getting a napkin, wiping our mouths. We deviate slightly from the story in that she does not get a cookie very often and she does not end up giving herself a haircut when she checks her face for crumbs! But the concept is the same and made me smile as I read it :)

We worked on predicting last night when we read the story. "What do you think he'll ask for next?" On many of the pages there's a hint. For example, after he gives himself a trim you can see his little hairs all over the floor. I asked what he would need next and on the facing page you can see him sweeping. For other pages, she just had to use her imagination. On the page where he is coloring, I asked "what do you think he'll draw?" She decided that she would want to draw chocolate (probably in honor of her chocolate chip cookie minutes before!), so he should draw that too. Well, he drew his family. But it was a good guess - a good prediction! Her favorite was at the end when the story comes full circle and says "and chances are if he asks for a glass of milk, ...." she felt so proud when she knew that the answer was "He wants a cookie too!"

That's the best part of reading with kids...when their joy about accomplishing something makes them smile ear to ear and shout the correct answer!

Sequencing - this story is full of sequencing. You can talk about the order of things the mouse asked for, but you can also talk about the steps required to complete any of the other activities that he and the boy do. For example, the mouse wanted to clean up the floor. Well, at first all he needed was a broom and a dust pan. But then he ends up washing the floors, too. That requires more things. I would ask "what do you need to wash the floors?" The picture can definitely give you clues! If your child is struggling with knowing what to get, this could be a great opportunity to let her clean the floors! Work together gathering the things you would need and have her help you mop (I would let her do as much as she was capable of doing). Wow, a language activity and a clean floor...does it get better than that?!

Speech Sounds - I realized today that I have not put any articulation (speech sound) activities in my Read with Me! posts. Sorry about that! Here are the sounds that can be targeted using this story:

For a 2 year old or older: (target sounds: b, d, h, m, n, p) book, back, doesn't, carried, done, read, he, have, hair, house, hang, mouse, milk, mirror, him, napkin, nail, nap, pair, sweep, nap

For a 3 year old or older: (target sounds: f, g, k, t, w) if, finished, fix, give, going, get, cookie, carried, comfortable, to, get, take, when, want, wash

For a 4 year old or older: (target sounds: kw) well, I didn't spot any "kw" words. Did you?

For a 5 year old or older: (target sounds: j, l, s, y, sh, ch, bl, ng [at the end of words]) no "j" words either, he'll, look, well, mouse, glass, house, you, your, sure, washing, finished, scotch, chances, probably, blanket, comfortable, going, giving, sweeping (all the "ing" words). 

These are just a few of the words for each sound. Keep looking, you're sure to find more!  Be careful if you find the sounds in blends like the "s" in sweep and start. Blends are more difficult. For more information on speech sound development click here!

If you are looking for some more activities that go along with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, check out my pinterest page! Go ahead, treat yourself to a cookie while you're at it!

If you'd like to own your own copy I have a link to Amazon below or check it out at your local library!

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