Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Read with Me! Book 24 - The Doorbell Rang

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

I can't believe it's over! This is book 24 (which I forgot to put in the picture but I was concentrating on making sure we got a picture before she started eating!). This has been a great reading adventure with you! Thank you for joining us!

I knew when I first read this book that I wanted it to be the final book in our Read with Me! Adventure. It talks about sharing with others. I hope that I have been able to share some language development activities with you over the past 9 weeks. Now, I wanted to give my daughter the opportunity to share something with others. We decided on the same chocolate chip cookies as in the book (with a few sprinkle cookies, too) and which neighbors we would share them with. This involved quite a bit of planning: ingredients needed, how many people in each home, how to package them to give them away, and when to deliver them...not to mention following the recipe directions!

We did not make cookies on the same day that we read the story. It was a carryover activity for us! While we read the story we worked on:

Counting: You can count the cookies on the plate (although they are a little small), the children who visit and the plates on the table. We also discussed the concept of "dozen." We bought a dozen eggs and we made a dozen cookies.

Sharing: Each page has an example of sharing. I love that at the beginning they are supposed to get 6 cookies each, but after each time the doorbell rings more friends show up they get less and less cookies each. We were able to talk about how sometimes it's hard to share things we like but how great it is to make other's feel good when we share with them. There is a great lesson at the end when every child has just one cookie and the doorbell rings again. What should they do? They discuss eating the cookies and then opening the door (so they don't have to share) but I love that they decided to open the door anyway (with the understanding that they would make it work). If you haven't read the book, I'll not spoil what happens next! You'll have to read it to find out!

Vocabulary: There are some very good new vocabulary words in this book. Some of my favorite are plenty, share, cousins, stared, perhaps, wait and enormous.

I hope that you and your child enjoy the story (and find some neighbors and friends to share something special with). For some other activities that go along with The Doorbell Rang check out my pinterest page! I even put up the recipe for the cookies that we made. They are delicious!

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