Thursday, November 29, 2012

Whole Hearted Holiday - Thankfulness Turkey

I wanted to make sure that we focused on our being thankful for our many blessings as we prepared for Thanksgiving festivities. What better way to remember to be thankful than to have a huge turkey with feathers right next to your dining room table!

First, we started with a large cutout of a turkey body that I made larger from a pattern I found online. I used bulletin board paper but you could use butcher or parchment paper.

Then, we talked about the color of a turkey while looking at pictures of turkeys we found by doing a simple image search on line. We enjoyed talking about the different turkeys we saw including the boy turkeys vs. girl turkeys, real vs. pretend turkeys and live turkeys vs. cooked turkeys. We settled on brown paint (there was much discussion about why we couldn't do a pink and purple turkey). I put a bit of brown paint in a bowl and laid out a variety of paint brushes.

As we used the paint brushes we talked about the sizes of the brushes and discovered that wider brushes painted more of the turkey more quickly. However, it was most fun to use two or three brushes at one time!

We were very proud of our finished turkey!

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