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Whole Hearted Holidays - Candy Cane Hockey

Candy Cane Hockey


I do co-therapy with an Occupational Therapist in one of the classes that I see at my school. Since it is a behavior school, many of my children are working on social skills....although many children in many locations need to work on social skills. Using this one activity, we worked on quite a few skills - good sportsmanship behavior, handwriting, gross motor skills and math. Yep - math, too!

Materials Needed:
   Large Candy Cane(s) (like the ones used to decorate yards)
   3 chairs or other objects you can line up (a TV tray table would work too)
   ball of construction paper for the puck

We started the lesson going over the things that you can say and do to show good sportsman-like behavior while we were playing the game and wrote those down on the board (you can write them on the back of you game board page). The goal of the activity was to demonstrate these good behaviors during the game and the number of points that you received didn't matter. If you were a good sport, you were rewarded with a candy cane at the end of the game. We also discussed the things to say when you are the loser of a game and when you are the winner ("you lost!" was one comment we discussed and how that is not being a good winner). Specifically teaching children what to say when their emotions are running high is important.

The students earned points during their turns. We worked on the math skill of adding simple numbers. The math level of this class was adding the numbers 1, 2 and 3. So, the rules for our game were if it landed under one of the outside chairs you got 2 points, under the middle chair you got 3 points and not under a chair (or between the chairs) was 1 point. They got to score twice. You can customize the number of points based on your child's math level. You can do higher but still simple numbers (possibly 6, 7 and 8) or do double or triple digit numbers (22, 35 and 67 or 123, 258 and 429). You could also do multiplication or any other math concept you can think of...making fractions...whatever you want! If you want to do math problems that are not addition use this board (game page 2).

After shooting twice, they worked with the OT to write their points on their game page and do the math computation. Honestly, it didn't matter if they remembered what their points actually were. The most important was writing the numbers correctly and doing the math problem. The OT also worked with the kiddos who had a hard time holding the candy cane and swinging it to hit the "puck."

The kiddos had a blast! I know that you and your child will love it, too!

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