Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Well, I thought it was such an original idea... but alas, it's all over the internet. But it still turned out to be a great idea and Big Sister loved it! I have to admit, I had a great time too.

It's so simple, take a small glow stick (bracelet size) and roll it up and put it in an Easter Egg. We used packing tape to hold the glow stick rolled up. We used our problem solving skills to realize that we also needed to tape the egg shut. That was the beginning of our language adventure tonight.

We used lots of language while we played tonight. I hope that you try this out with your child, too!

Try some of these language concepts:

Prepositions: Talk about where you hid or found the eggs. Under the table. In the box. On the couch. You can also ask where the eggs are hidden (when you are searching) or if you can't find the eggs ask your child to describe where he hid them. Encourage your child to use words like in, under, near and on.

Social Skills: We talked about turn taking and appropriate game play like not telling me where the eggs were before I even started searching. Although it was really cute to hear her shout "It's in the closet, mom!" before I got in the room.

Counting: As you find the eggs, count them. You can also count all the ones you've already found. For a more advanced counting skill, try counting backwards as you are hiding them.

Problem Solving: I already talked about realizing we needed to tape the eggs shut, but there were other simple problems that popped up while we played like wanting to hide the eggs in other rooms or where the searcher should go while the other hid the eggs. You'll have some unique problems that pop up while you play. Make sure you use these opportunities to help your child learn how to solve the problem independently, talking him through possibilities and offering up solutions as needed.

We kept a night light on in the room while we hid and searched for the eggs for safety. Disclaimer: please Egg Hunt responsibly! Keep a small light on for safety's sake! Have fun!

Let me know how your Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt went!

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