Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Developmental Skills Your Child Needs Before Kindergarten

I have had quite a few families talking with me recently about skills their child needs to be successful in kindergarten. At the same time, I created a  door prize for a mom's group that I am apart of. The door prize had activities that a parent could do with their pre-kindergarten child to get them ready.

This is not an exhaustive list, but if your child can do the things on this list, they will be well on their way to a successful kindergarten year (and your Kindergarten teacher will thank you!)

1. Reading / Writing
Identify words that rhyme
Identify signs, symbols and logos in the community
Name some letters and numbers, name colors and shapes; Count to 10
Know that we read left to right and top to bottom
Write using drawings and some made up or real letters

2. Fine Motor / Gross Motor

Cut and paste
Hold a pencil correctly
Fasten/Unfasten clothing
Hygiene skills including blowing nose, coughing into elbow, using the bathroom and washing hands
Hop, jump and run; Bounce, catch, kick and throw a ball

3. Speaking / Listening

Follow 2 step directions
Sit and listen to an age appropriate book and answer basic questions
Say full name of self and parents
Understand most of what is said
Use complete, grammatically correct sentences that give lots of details
Tell a story and stay on topic
Produce most speech sounds correctly

4. Social Skills
Share with others and takes turns
Express feelings using words
Ask questions and seek help when needed
Communicate easily with peers and adults

Does your child need to work on a few of these skills over the summer? Don’t wait! Get started now. If you have concerns with your child’s development after addressing skills at home, feel free to contact me.

Want a printable version of this? Click here!

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