Sunday, June 16, 2013

If I Ran the Zoo - Skill Focus: Writing

Our reading Skill Focus today is going to be Writing!

Research has shown that while repetitive reading of a story or text is very effective in improving comprehension, joint writing activities are even better! If the writing part is fun then this type of reading comprehension activity won't be a struggle! I have created a simple writing activity that appears to be more of a drawing and creative expression activity than a writing activity. Now, it's supposed to be a joint activity, so make sure you print out one for you too! Get the printable page here!

We reviewed a few pages of the story to get the creative juices flowing and then started drawing the creatures we thought would be best for our New Zoo. We walked through the steps of drawing our creatures (if you had been there you would have thought she was drawing a cow based on her description so I had to keep reminding her it was a pretend creature! So she gave it long hair with pigtails and bows!)

Then once the creature is done, begin answering the questions. If your child is older ask each question then start the writing. If your child is younger, ask each question one at a time and have your child write one or two word answers. If your child struggles with handwriting, write down the answers for them. The idea is to get the thoughts down on paper - an expressive language activity not a handwriting activity (although handwriting activities have their place too!)

After you are done with your writing activity, take a picture of it and post it to my Barnett Therapy Facebook account or email it to me! I'd love everyone to see what a great New Zoo we would have!

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