Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Memory Games with Rhyming Words from On Beyond Zebra

This is such a cute story about not being like "most people" who "stop with the Z." In the same line of thinking I wanted to try a new way to play memory. We all have played the tradtional version...lay out all of the cards, flip two over and if they go together (match, rhyme, are opposites or whatever you are working on) you keep the set and go again. Well, that version is fine for people who stop at Z, but not me! And not you either. Try this:

Print out one copy of the Rhyming Memory Cards which you can get here. Cut them out and glue to construction paper if you use regular computer paper. If you print on a thicker card stock or right onto construction paper, just cut them out and you'll be fine.

Mix up the cards then lay them out in a grid pattern. We did not use all of the cards because I thought it would be too much for her, but do what you think your child can handle.

Then, the first player flips over 3 cards and reads them. The object is to have all three cards be rhyming words. This is harder than finding just two words. It'll take a little bit longer to play but it was lots of fun! When a player does flip over 3 cards that all rhyme, she gets to keep them! You can decide if she goes again or if the next player goes - house rules :)

Another way to play, would be to take out one of the rhyming words from each set and set them aside. Then lay out the remaining cards. Take the cards that you had set aside and pass them out to the players. The players then are searching only for the rhyming words that go with their rhyming words. It just adds a little twist to the traditional game.

Of course the traditional game is fun, too! If you leave out the third rhyming word and just play memory, you are still working on a bunch of language skills - social skills (game play), rhyming word matching, you could have your child name other words that rhyme once they make a match, following directions, reading, etc...

Be creative and try to think of other memory-style games that you could play. Let your child make up a game and teach you how to play. That could be fun! Do you have any "new" and fun ways to play memory? I'd love to hear about them! Please leave a comment!

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