Friday, July 19, 2013

Skill Focus - Writing ... Create Your Own Letter with On Beyond Zebra

I just can't stop... I really like this book and all of the great reading skills that can be addressed using this book. My plan had been to create one or two posts for each Dr. Seuss book, but this is number 3 and I really could keep going (I have one more in my head, but I think I'll save it for later...). But after this post, I'll move on to another book. The summer is quickly flying by and there are lots of Dr. Seuss books to read!

We had so much fun with this activity. After we read the book for like the 5th time, we decided to make up our own letters. So I created the writing prompt style page (get it here) and got a box of crayons. She went to work, looking through the book to get ideas and then came up with this:

I would encourage older children to write more about their letter's name and the creature it will help spell. Keep in mind the developmentally appropriate writing skills for your child's age. You can see the whole list here. If your child draws the letter small enough, he can draw a picture near it that shows the creature he can now spell. (If this does not make any sense, read the book and you'll understand more about the new letters that help you spell great new creatures!). If there's not room, use the back of the paper.

I knew that she would excel at this activity because she is constantly making up new words and songs and people's names and ... you name it and she likes to make up a new name for it! So, her letter is the "Paxter Wanwi" and it will help her spell the creature "Naninona." Interesting, right? Well, maybe not so much but the act of being creative and putting new thoughts down on paper is a great skill that will lead to better things in the future.

You can see in the image below, that my husband got in on this activity, too. He created a letter called "Waz" to spell the creature "Waz Mataz."

I created the letter "ihs" so I can spell the creature "ihspeech" who repeats only one phrase "I heart speech! I heart speech!" He would be very motivating to have around the house :) You can see this letter at the top of this blog post.

Print out a few copies of this sheet, one for each member of the family. Have fun reading and creating together! Let me know what interesting creatures you can now discover because you, too, did not stop at the Z!

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