Monday, September 16, 2013

Bringing the Classroom Home Week 2 - Writing to a Friend

Big Sister is loving school! She knows most of the other student's names and talks about playing with them. We have talked about what makes a good friend and how to be a good friend. She did lots of exciting projects in class to learn each new friend's name.

Here's what she brought home:

The second project (garden of friends) helps me know who she is talking about and I can ask specific questions. I love to be able to ask about each friend by name.

One thing that I am not so good at is keeping in touch with old friends (sorry!). I am trying to develop good patterns in my children that I do not have. So, we started penpal-ing -is that a word? -with some friends that we see frequently but not frequently enough. 

Almost every time she makes a project she names a friend she would like to give it to. So this time, we started with a friend in mind and created something just for them. She decided she wanted to paint them a picture (they are sisters).

After we painted and let it dry, she worked on letter formation while addressing the letter to her friends. She told me what she wanted to write and I told her the letters or we sounded it out together and she got through B (apparently that was enough for Bella) and L (which was enough for Lili) as well as "thank you" and I finished it off with "for being my friend."

Next we worked on addressing the envelope. We located my phone (by calling it) and found our friend's address. She read off the numbers and letters and I wrote them down. We were also able to practice memorizing our own address (later that evening as we were driving out of the drive way, she was like "hey! Those numbers are on our house!" Uh, yeah, that's why we practice it). We stamped it and we'll put it in the mail today.

This turned out to be a fun project and reinforced the idea of being a friend. What do you do to keep your children engaged with friends? Have you ever tried penpal-ing?

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