Thursday, September 19, 2013

Child-Lead Chores

We started the day working on random chores throughout the house. Then my daughter wanted to play her favorite "game" Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Typically we dress up a little (swords, pixie dust, a map, bandanas, etc...) and pretend to be jumping the water or saving something from the mean Captain Hook. After playing for quite a while, I needed to get back to cleaning but she insisted that we continue to play. I really wanted to do both. But how?

She had a map that she had created which told us where we needed to go. My husband then came home and reminded us that it was "Talk Like a Pirate Day" so we went all out. We got dressed up in full Jake and the Neverland Pirates outfits and began our adventure! (See, here is the before... I didn't do my usual 'straighten the room before I take blog pictures' routine!)

Our first stop was the library, which needed to be tidied up a bit. So, that became our "pirate problem" to solve.

We straightened up the library, grabbed our imaginary gold doubloons and took a look at our map to see where to go next.

We made our way through the house cleaning, organizing and grabbing those gold doubloons. I tried to let her pick what needed to be cleaned in each room and let her "read" the map to tell us where to go next. I did have to take charge after a while when the baby was crying and needed to join the fun (he gets to be Skully when we play)

On a car ride we looked up how to talk like a pirate and learned words like "Arrr!" and "avast!" Plus we learned what a bilge rat is (they use that phrase in Peter Pan, another one of our pirate-ing favorites!) Just a bonus for you, here is the sign language for "pirate." How fun!

Besides the fun that Talk Like a Pirate Day can be, we used an opportunity (she scribbled and called it a map) to let her lead the way to cleaning the house. It was fun and she got to do child age-appropriate chores. Now, to be honest, we did not get as much done as I would have liked, but teaching her to be responsible and take charge (and clean her room), were better payoffs in the long run than having the sparkling clean kitchen I wanted! (notice no pics from the kitchen..ha!)

Oh! If I had seen this earlier I would have done this craft...maybe next year! Check out this great treasure chest. If I had prepared a little in advance, we could have actually collected gold doubloons as we cleaned and put them in our Team Treasure Chest.

Avast, me mateys! Go, smartly and do ye chores! Whether or not you talk like a pirate while you do those chores, have fun!

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