Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Skill Focus - Writing a News Report - The Sleep Book by Dr. Suess

The news just came in ...

The Sleep Book is a cute little (but not short!) story about the world falling asleep. It is a news-report style story with each creature or situation a different report. So fun! After reading the sleep book, it's your turn and your child's turn to write your own news report about how each person in your family falls asleep.

Here's how mine looks:
Way out in the East, in the town of Orlandoread
 the Barnett Book Reading Club just went to bed.
Every book has been quietly placed on a shelf
For the night, in it's own private Billy-Bookshelf." (we love that our library is full of Billy Bookshelves from Ikea plus my husband's name is Billy... I know it's goofy but it's something that makes us smile!)

Baby Brother's looks like this:
The number of sleepers
is steadily growing.
The crib is where
the baby is going.

My husband's is:
A Mr. and Mrs. W Billy Barnetts
Have just gone to bed near the town of Fort Metts
And they by the way, have the finest of pets.

Big Sister's looks like this:
have lain down their heads
On sleeping pillows
they keep on their beds.

This took some work to pick the passages to model and figure out how we were going to make them fit our bedtime routines and situations, but it was a fun family project to try to think of cities around us that rhymed with our last name or how to make Orlando rhyme with "bed" (without calling it Orlanded which sounds like "dead" at the end...I wasn't ok with that!). Getting Big Sister to describe how she goes to sleep, what she needs and what her pillow is like was interesting. When you ask new questions, it is fun to see what kiddos think about!

Make up your own news reports because "this may not seem very important. I know. But is is." so make a family memory together!

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