Monday, November 25, 2013

Bringing the Classroom Home - Transportation Week

This week my daughter and her class (actually all of the 3 year old classes) studied about transportation. What a fun week! It culminated in a Transportation Day where they celebrated all things that move! I had the pleasure of helping out with Transportation Day where I got to be at the Train Station and help the kiddos on the train and read a train book to the kiddos who were waiting. We had such a great time! Other areas were the craft and snack stations and an area where they could get in the little Cozy Coops and go around a room and "wash" the cars and trucks. Plus there was a mini roller coaster! The kids looked like they were having so much fun!

Here are some pictures from Transportation Day:

Here are some of the craft projects she brought home this week:

It was pretty perfect timing that we would be going out of town at the same time that I needed to do something to "bring home" transportation week. I wanted it to be something extra special so I contacted the visitors center in Tallahassee which would be close to where we would be. There was going to be a lot going on but not much in the way of transportation. So I kept looking. Finally I found in the town of Thomasville, GA a small airport museum.

We left our camper as soon as we could on Saturday morning and headed north to Thomasville. We totally missed the small road to the local airport and had to do a U-turn to get back. It was totally different than our Orlando, FL airport! HA! The people there were so friendly and we got to sit literally feet away from the small planes that take off and land at that airport.

We found out that a plane was scheduled to take off in about 45 minutes so we headed across the parking lot to the museum and had fun looking at plane engines, propellers and riding on small airplane themed toys. Even Baby W got into it!

Then we headed back to the airport and sat and talked with a pilot as we waited for the small plane to take off. It was so cool. All of us got into it.

We continued to talk with the pilot and after a while a plane landed! It was so much more that I had planned for! On top of that, he suggested that we go get a closer look at the little plane (which I was thinking "he's crazy, can't we get arrested for going out there?") But he led the way, so we followed.

We politely asked the owner of this just-landed plane if we could walk around it to check it out and he was gracious enough to offer to let us SIT IN the plane. What?! My daughter jumped at that offer and climbed right in. My mother-in-law and I, a little in shock, climbed in next. It was an experience for all of us. Big Sister got to use a new kind of seat belt and see the cockpit up close. It was soooo cool!

We thanked them profusely and headed on our way.  It always amazes me when an experience turns out this cool. I had planned for us to see the little museum, and we got to do so much more!

I don't have any crafts or activities that go along with this transportation theme but let me encourage you to find an experience that you can do with the whole family. One of our other options was to go on a glass bottom boat ride at one of the local springs. I'm sure that would have turned out to be an amazing day as well.

Have you gone on any adventures in transportation? I'd love to hear your story!

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