Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bringing the Classroom Home - Week 6 - Responsibility Chart

This week at school my daughter celebrated all things family and pets. They did family trees, family photo picture frames and talked all about family. They also talked about pets. Big Sister brought in a Nemo fish key chain that she loves as her pet for Show and Tell this week.

We can't have a dog since Big Sister is allergic to dogs. We can't have a cat since I am allergic to cats (and bunnies). So we have fish. Dad takes care of the fish. They are the result of getting a "free" fish as a birthday party favor. We then needed to take care of this goldfish and went shopping for some food. We found out that goldfish need much bigger tanks than expected and at least one other goldfish. Plus they are not as easy to take care of as other fish. That goldfish (and his friend) did not last long despite our best efforts. So we embarked on a learning adventure of owning and caring for a real fish tank (with fish that are pretty cool!). 

Now that Big Sister is 4, it's time that she can start to be responsible for helping with the fish tank and the care of the fish. Our first tank, a 5.5 gallon tank, is too small to really handle anything but a beta fish, so our plan is to teach her to be responsible with our fish, then she can have one of her own to have in her room. 

As we are working toward her having a fish in her room, she needs to know how to take care of the fish by feeding them, helping with water changes, cleaning the gravel and keeping the water conditioned properly. I figure this is going to be a many-month-long adventure and sometime in the new year she will get her own fish.  But as she works towards her own fish and demonstrates her skills of responsibility, she can earn parts of things to go in her tank.

We all work best when we are working for or towards something or when in the end something good happens. We work best when we are motivated to work. I know that I work best when I know that I have a deadline to meet. I think Big Sister needs an object to work towards (finish the yucky beans to get some peaches after dinner, clean up the toys so that we can put a puzzle together on the floor, etc...) Dad gets motivated to work when he learns something new that he wants to share with others.

Check out the Responsibility Chart we came up with. The second page is a Blank Responsibility Chart that you can print out and fill in for any job that you want your child to complete to earn something special.

Is your child working towards earning something special? Share with us!

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