Wednesday, December 4, 2013

25 Books of Christmas - Days 1-4

This is going to be an interesting mini-adventure and I really have no idea what to expect as we go along. It has already given us some super special moments and we are only on book 4!

Book 1 - I introduced the concept of 25 Books of Christmas and the idea that they will be opening a new book each night between now and Christmas. We opened a new-to-us book called Christmas Teddy illustrated by Ben Mahan. It is a very short lift-the-flap style book and we enjoyed taking turns seeing what was behind the flaps. Our favorite part of the story was that Teddy was headed to a little boy named Billy, which is my husband's name. So this helped start off our 25 Books of Christmas adventure in a very special way!

Book 2 - I must not have explained the whole premise of this adventure very well to Big Sister because she got very sad when Baby W got to pick and open the only book that night. She wanted to do it too. So, after some more explaining, she realized that this is a family adventure. They are all of our books to enjoy. This is part of the learning process! Anyway, Baby W looked at the books but then was quickly distracted by standing up and reaching - his new favorite activity - so we helped him by starting to open the gift, then finally Big Sister jumped in to finish it up! It was a great book for both of them. Glitter Fun Winter illustrated by Mandy Paproski. This is a good book for younger kiddos. It has big, pretty and glittery wintertime images on each page. Both of them liked the shiny paper.

Book 3 - Big Sister was very excited to get to pick and open the book tonight and this one has special meaning to me personally. I remember reading this one as a child. On the inside cover it has my first and maiden name and the year I got it (I was 5). The Story of Baby Jesus by Alice Joyce Davidson is a sweet poem story about a little girl named Alice who's Bible becomes a screen that she walks through and enters Bibleland. She is there during all of the major parts of the story that tell about the birth of Jesus from Mary and Joseph finding no room in the inn to the angels announcing the good news to the shepherds to the three wise kings. She then goes back through the screen and on Christmas morning she realizes that she now knows the real meaning of Christmas. This is a great book!

 Book 4 - We opened another meaningful book tonight. This was the gift that Big Sister was given from her very first teacher, Mrs. Davis. It is even inscribed to her. I love that! This is a book that she will treasure for many, many years. The book is Christmas with Boz by Mark S. Bernthal. It talks about all of the wonderful things we love about the Christmas season from getting and giving cards to decorating the tree and house to drinking hot cocoa to stay warm. But each page ends with a "but there's something even more special about Christmas!" I love the end of the story as it explains that Jesus is the  reason Christmas is special.  It is wonderful! The pictures are sweet and engaging. I know your kids will love it!

So there you have it! Our first 4 books of the 25 Books of Christmas. We are having a great time, I hope that you can find some great Christmas books that you can read with your family. Come back again soon and see what we are reading!

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