Saturday, December 28, 2013

25 Books of Christmas Days 18-25

We have opened all of our 25 Books of Christmas! It was an interesting adventure. I think we will do it again next year since it gave us a simple holiday-ish thing to do each night. We did encounter some problems, like on nights when we were out late celebrating Christmas with one side of the family or after a performance. By the time we came home, we were exhausted. Then another problem was forgetting our wrapped books for when we went to my parents house for the week of Christmas. We had to wing it and use some of my mom's books. Mostly, it was a great experiment. I hope that this has encouraged you to give it a try. Oh! One of the things that I did to make this less expensive (buying 25 new books could have gotten very expensive), I went to some thrift stores throughout the year. July turned out to be the best time to buy Christmas books!

I would encourage you to try this with your family if you have any desire to do so!

Here are some pictures of how we finished up:

Book 18 - I love the pageant style of this story. I can almost imagine the little babes coming to life and acting out this story in front of us! The Christmas Story with Ruth J Morehead's Holly Babes is a favorite from my childhood!

Book 19 - I was excited when I found this one - Barney's Favorite Christmas Stories. There are 4 books in 1. Sounds great, huh? Well, the stories are only adequate. They were very Barney-like, so if your child is into Barney, this would be a good one. We didn't pick it back up again.

Book 20 - Wouldn't you figure that the day I put her last book (her new Bible) in the basket, that was the book she picked. She was totally not ok with the "Do not open until Christmas" tag on it. I think she was a little tired and it has been a very busy holiday season so I think she was in a highly emotional state. Hence the melt down. She finally grabbed a new gift and it was a winner! This story, The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, was written by 7 year old Emma Kragen and is very cute. Plus, it comes with a CD of kiddos singing the song.

Book 21 - Winnie the Pooh and the Christmas Tree was much shorter and simpler than I had hoped for. We love Winnie the Pooh and we felt this one was over "too fast!" It would be good for a young child.

Book 22 - It was a very special day for Big Sister. She got to go down to Nana's house for  a sleep over before we headed there the next day. We sent a book with her to open and my mom took pictures :) Apparently this book was "too hard" so they also read another book, too! I like that this book can be used in the car. The Best Christmas Hunt Ever is a hidden picture book. There are very crowded scenes with teeny tiny objects to search for. Good luck and have fun!

Book 23 - The Bear's Christmas by Stan and Jan Berenstain is a funny little story of a dad reminiscing about doing all sorts of winter sports and trying to teach his son to skate, ski and sled. It was not very Christmas-y except for the fact that the son gets all of the equipment as Christmas presents. But it was funny and introduced some good winter activities that we here in Central (and at the time we read this book South) Florida.

Book 24 - We read this one on Christmas Eve. It seemed very appropriate that it was a story that went through all of the parts of the Christmas Story. The Very First Christmas a Hallmark Pop-Up Story is a beautifully illustrated story with fun scenes that, well, pop-up. I remember reading this one as a child. It brought back warm memories for me that I am so excited to share with my children!

Book 25 - Yea! We finally made it to book 25. It's our new Bible! Each year we give Big Sister (and now Baby W) a new Bible that we read each night throughout the year. We have gone through some wonderful Bibles! I am excited about this one. It is Read and Learn Bible Stories from the Old and New Testaments. Each story is a few pages long with simple but clear pictures. I like that there are little bonus thoughts or facts sprinkled throughout the stories. I think that this will be a great Bible this year.

We saved some of the gift wrap from presents to get a head start for next year. I will also do some weeding out of the less impressive books.

Did you find any great new books this year? Or re-read a beloved favorite? I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a comment!

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