Monday, January 13, 2014

Bringing the Classroom Home - Winter Wonderland Dinner

Maybe it's because our "winter" is like 3 non-consecutive days (and more comparable to Fall in most places) but I LOVE winter. I love to talk about snowmen and icicles and sledding (which I've never done) and snowflakes. As a matter of fact, I did a snowflake theme for my wedding (now more than 8 years ago!)

Trying to think of something winter-y to do with Big Sister was difficult as I could not narrow it down to just one favorite. Winter was always my favorite theme to do in my therapy room. I have rhyming mitten matching games, a following directions snowmen game, a snowball game and so much more.

For the past few years, I have been slowly collecting some snowflake pattern dishes but have not had a reason to use them. This is the perfect reason to use them! We are going to have a fancy winter dinner on our special winter dishes!

In addition to our fancy dishes, I kept out and put up a significant portion of our Snow Themed Christmas Decorations. I hung snowflakes from the ceiling (I'm not sure my husband is totally on board with me stapling thread to the ceiling but it only makes a few teeny tiny holes that are practically invisible when the stapes are removed. So, I think it's ok!), a snowflake garland along the back wall, snowflake lights in the windows, a snowflake candle holder (which held a bowl of butter), a snowflake basket to hold the napkins and a very special snowflake centerpiece. The centerpiece was made by my mother-in-law for my wedding for each of the tables at the reception.

This menu is probably not the healthiest meal since it is made up of all things white but I tried to keep it at least a little balanced.

Winter Wonderland Dinner

Appetizer: White Fruit Salad

Main Course: Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups
with a Cauliflower Gratin and Crustless Bread

Dessert: Snowball Cookies (nut-free)

The White Fruit Salad had typical fruit items in there: a few different kinds of apples, a pear and a banana, plus a few light (green - yikes!) grapes. We removed the skins from the apples and pears so that we would have as little color as possible.

The main course, the Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups, I thought would be simple and use ingredients that I usually have at home. The Cauliflower Gratin was the most expensive part of the meal mainly because of the cheese and the cauliflower were not on sale. Finally, we cut the crust off of the bread (since that is tan) and placed the slices on a pretty tray.

Finally, the Snowball Cookies were modified a little. The original recipe called for chocolate chips, but I wanted this to be as all-white as possible so I substituted white chocolate chips.

This was definitely a complex dinner, more than I would do on a regular night. However, each of these pieces of the dinner was pretty easy. The cauliflower grain turned out to be my favorite part. It was cheesy, soft and delicious! Big Sister like the White Fruit Salad best (probably because she helped with parts of it!) and my husband liked the Roll-ups the best.

It was the perfect way to end our celebration of Snow!

Here is a printable of the menu: click here.
Here is a printable of the place markers: click here.

I recommend making a fancy dinner the next time you have something cool to celebrate! Oh, if you are looking for another fancy dinner, check out my post at the end of our nursery rhyme theme (here).

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