Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Writing Series - M & H

We practiced forming the letters M and H this week and both of my children had a great time! I know that Big Sister learned a lot and enjoyed this handwriting experience and Little W, well, he enjoyed the M&Ms and the cars!

And it was an easy week. That was a surprise! We don't have many weeks that seem to flow completely smoothly, but this one did ... and it was so nice! I hope that you are having a nice week, too!

In case you are new, here are some links you'll need:

  • Summer Writing Plan (here)
  • handwriting page (here) - write "M   M   M   m   m   m" or "H   H   H   h   h   h" and be careful of all extra links/downloads.

Here we go!

We practiced H first (since I didn't have any M&Ms). Big Sister got to try out a new writing tool - paint. We do paint all the time, but we've never tried writing with a paint brush. It was a little different since you have to move you hand in a slightly different way than with a pencil. Either way, she was able to practice the strokes involved in writing our target letters.

Our bonus practice activity was driving cars on letter Hs written all over our floor. We used painters tape and made upper and lower case Hs. Then we took out all of the toys that were non-car related and let them have fun!

 The letter M was a little trickier. She struggled a little with controlling her pen to stop at the top of the line, change directions, stop at the bottom line, change directions, stop at the top, change directions again and finish at the bottom.

It always amazes me when something I think is simple, like writing an M or swallowing a sip of water, when I break it down into all of the components is really quite a difficult task with lots of little steps that must be followed for the end result to be correct. (Have you ever thought about all the things that your mouth, breathing and tongue must do in order to swallow? No? Next time you take a sip, pay close attention... you'll be amazed too!)

Our bonus activity for M was forming the letter M with M&Ms. SO FUN! We bought a small box of regular candies and let her go with using them how she would like (with the rule of "you can't eat any until you finish all of the Ms!). After that I checked them out, let her choose 2 Ms full of candies and dumped the rest in a baggie for another day.

On a side note, my original plan was to do this activity with mini-M&Ms but we could not find them at our local convenience store and it was pouring so we didn't go to more stores to find them. So, with the regular size candies, our worksheet letters were too small. It just looked like 3 lines of candies - not what I was hoping for! So, get the updated M-sheet in the packet (here).

Our adventure this week was to the Harley Motorcycle store. They got to "ride" a motorcycle and see a lot of paraphernalia. The store that we visited was at Downtown Disney and the staff was very friendly and totally ok with us trying out the motorcycles. I'm not sure how it would be at a regular dealership but it was fun and I highly recommend a visit to your local store :)

Our next set of letters will be N, K and L... come back soon to see what happened and what you can do at home, too!

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