Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Writing Series - N, K & L

It was a great week writing the letters N, K and L! We had fun with our bonus writing activities too :) In all honesty, the bonus writing activities could be used for any letter and a few led to very creative writing time.

I think the thing that has surprised me the most during this brief writing introduction has been how excited Big Sister is about writing between lessons. She wants to write notes to her friends or lists of who knows what or a story about her favorite characters (which currently are Elsa and Peter Pan).

Before we get started, here are some links you may need:
  • Summer Writing Plan (here)
  • handwriting page (here) - write  "N   N   N   n   n   n" or "K   K   K   k   k   k" or "L   L   L   l   l   l" and be careful of all extra links/downloads.

Ok, here we go!

We worked on N first. After last week's M, N seemed easier. She is really enjoying the "frog hop" concept (from Handwriting without Tears) and says it as she writes the letters. She references back to the sheets on the wall frequently. You can see her looking at the sheets in the first picture below. The second picture gives a good ok look of what the sheets look like. We have them attached to the wall right in front of her craft table. She uses them spontaneously, so I am glad that they are there for her.

Next was K...

It is hard to fly a kite on a very still day, but my daughter was convinced that she could "make it windy" by running. So, after writing our Ks we headed outside and she ran, and ran, and ran!

Once the kite was broken (which happened pretty quickly with a dollar store kite!), we felt it was ok to use the string. But that turned out to be quite challenging. The kite string was very bent and made letter formation hard. My N looked more like an H. We cut the string a couple of different lengths - long and short - so that all of the letters could be formed. Since the string was white we went head and tried it on our couch which is dark brown. Maybe if we had glued it to dark construction paper that would have worked better... who knows!? It was fun. But flying the kite was the best part :)

Then we learned L!

This was the most anticipated activity this week. It was fun to make the pudding (instant pudding) and then to color it and finally to play with it. But first, we completed the "L l" handwriting sheet. I try to keep a work first, then play attitude with all of these activities. So, after our handwriting sheet we began the pudding.

Again, we practiced our letters and then I let her have at it! She started by using her fingers, but (and this was not a surprise as she has never loved having her hands get yucky) quickly decided that she'd rather use the craft sticks to play.

Little W decided that smearing the french vanilla pudding was a bit of a waste and ate it instead. This is why we will not be doing "real" finger painting anytime soon!

Our Field Trip for this week was supposed to be out to a small town called Harmony, FL. They have a special event every year where they have big telescopes and special star-watching activities. I had heard that they are dark-night-friendly town, so I thought we'd be able to see the stars any time of the year (not just at their festival) without all the light pollution we have in Orlando.  Well, since I planned this trip a while ago when it was still getting dark pretty early, we decided on Friday night that it doesn't get dark until well after 8:00 which means we'd have to wait a while after that, then drive the just over an hour drive home which would put us home very, very late. So, in came plan B... or in this case Plan "L" for the Lego Store.

At Downtown Disney they have a large Lego Store where they have tables set up with buckets of legos of all sizes. We headed down there and let the kids (and adults!) have fun. Of course we started by making the legos into the letter "L" but then made bugs and castles and other fun creations.

Here are some of the highlights...

If you don't have a lego store near you, you could always visit a kids museum or one of those indoor playgrounds that seem to be popping up everywhere. Those types of locations should have blocks or legos that you can use to build letters.  You could go for a night hike to see the Night sky or you could see some Kangaroos at a zoo :) There are lots of possibilities! I hope you have fun celebrating at the end of a long week!

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