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Summer Writing Series - U, V and W

This week we worked on writing the letters U, V and W. I tried to keep it a "theme-y" as possible. Our plan was to visit a local vineyard for a short day trip so I wanted all of the activities to point to that field trip.

I know that a vineyard is not the first place you might think of as a good field trip for a 4 1/2 year old (and her 1 year old brother) but we've really been into planting and seedlings and seeds and gardening, and I was pretty sure that the vineyard would be beautiful this time of year.

If you are new to our series (or just need the links again), here are some links you may need:
  • Summer Writing Plan (here)
  • handwriting page (here) - write  "U   U   U   u   u   u" or "V   V   V   v   v   v" or "W  W  W  w  w  w" and be careful of all extra links/downloads.

Here's what we did!

The letter U -

Grapes are our new favorite treat (and that's sort of what they grow at the vineyard - florida grapes aren't quite the same as these grapes, but close enough!), so we used grapes to form the letter U. Big Sister was a little confused why we were not doing the letter G since grape starts with G (she can be very logical at times!) but I told her that it didn't matter what we used to form the letter, it was just a fun way to practice. So, I'll say the same thing to you... if raisins are your preferred snack or maybe cheerios or maybe cherries (oh, that sounds yummy) - use whatever you want. The idea is to form the letter U :)

On a side note, our second favorite treat is frozen grapes. Have you tried them? I just take them off the stems and throw them in a baggie in the freezer, then we can pull them out whenever we want a little something. They are great!

Next we worked on the letter V - 

Forming letters with twigs started with a "twig hunt." That was fun. Actually, the first hunt was for a bucket to put the twigs into! Then we went on a twig hunt :)

We brought the twigs back to the front yard and had fun. The grass was a little poke-y so we picked up our twigs and bucket and finished our letters inside. In the second picture below she has a few twig letters in front of her but they are very hard to see.

Finally, we learned the letter W -

Writing on the Window was a project that I left for just Big Sister. Little W is almost 1 1/2 and is copying everything we do. For example, I was sending out some letters the other day and Big Sister was helping. She handed me the stamps and I stuck them in the correct place, then we sealed the envelopes by licking the adhesive line. Well, Little W was near the pile of sealed envelopes, he picked one up and licked the whole front of the envelope! Bottom to top! A few ladies at the Post Office thought that it was a riot, I thought it was gross :)  (oh and sorry to the person who ends up with that letter, it is sent with love!) But, since he still lacks the ability to understand when it's appropriate to copy and how to imitate correctly, I don't want him picking up any marker and writing on any wall/window he thinks would be fun. So, he did not get to watch us do this activity!

But oh! it was fun!! I actually think that Big Sister was a little nervous getting started. She actually mentioned a few times that she thought Dad would be upset with her. I explained that I was giving her the markers and taking picture and that everything would be ok. That eased her worries and she had a blast!

 Our Field Trip for the week:

Today we went to Lakeridge Winery and Vineyard in Clermont, Florida. It was about an hour drive, and it was so worth it! We brought along a picnic lunch and we were ready to learn. It was an extra bonus that Nana, PopPop and Aunt Andrea came too!

We walked around looking at the rows of vines, saw some cute little grape clusters and enjoyed walking around the shop. She really enjoyed taking pictures of all sorts of things outside with her own camera. We learned about different kinds of grapes, pretended to be singers on stage and just played in the large grassy areas near the rows of vines.

The movie about the history of the vineyard, as well as the tour of the facility were a little over her head. Then we came to the wine tasting time...obviously she did not get to participate in that part. However, she sat in a cart next to me and had her own muskadine grape juice to taste as we tasted the different wines that they produce. She got to swirl, sniff and sip her juice just like the grown ups!

If you do not feel that a vineyard is the right place for your family to visit, you could visit a little water park that has Umbrella water fountains for the letter U. You could go to a lake or pond to see the Water for the letter W (hey, even the water park would be good for W!). You could visit a music store and check out the Violins for the letter V. One of our local music stores is more than willing to let children experience the different instruments so your store may allow your child to try playing the Violin!

Have fun writing letters, enjoying new writing activities and going on a celebratory field trip at the end of the week!

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