Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Writing Series - C, O & Q

This was our first week where she really struggled to write the letters. C, O and Q were tough! Getting a smooth curve on the C and stopping where she was supposed to was challenge. Getting her O to look like an O and not like a warped scalloped flower was next to impossible! And that little tail on the lower case q - forget about it! My plan for the end of the program, right before school starts back up, is to review a favorite letter, practice a difficult letter and celebrate the best letter (formation). I have a good idea which letter (letters?) we will be reviewing as our difficult letters!

If you are new to our series (or just need the links again), here are some links you may need before you get started:
  • Summer Writing Plan (here)
  • handwriting page (here) - write  "C   C   C   c   c   c" or "O   O   O   o   o   o or "Q   Q   Q   q   q   q" and be careful of all extra links/downloads.
  • optional: wet-dry-try pdf (here)

Here's what we did this week:

We started with the letter C:

This adventure started with a shopping trip to the local dollar store. We have an old chalk board but it does not accept chalk very well. (I've tried a few diy chalkboard fixes, but they didn't really work, if you have any great ideas that have worked for you I'd love to hear them as I really, really like my chalk board!)  So we got this super cute, cheap chalkboard, chalk pack and foam eraser for $1. Good deal!

We tried a technique that I've seen Occupational Therapists use and that is promoted on Handwriting Without Tears, it's called Wet-Dry-Try. First I wrote the letters on the chalkboard:

Then she used a q-tip dipped in water for the "wet" part:

Then she used a little crumpled ball of paper towel for the "dry" part. We didn't need to wait or gently blow on it to finish the was dry before she got to the last letter!

Finally, she gave it a try and traced over the remnant of the chalk.  I was surprise a bit that this was such fun activity for her. She really enjoyed each part of the wet-dry-try technique.

To get the activity description page from Handwriting Without Tears, click here.

Next we learned the letter O.

We had fun with this one too. But then again, who doesn't love a good do-a-dot! We also had fun filling in an O with all sorts of dots and glitter puff paint!

Let me warn you though, there is a big difference between real do-a-dot markers and the dollar store "bingo" markers. One comes out of clothes, the other does not! We learned this the hard way a while back. So, beware of the bingo markers. Go for the real do-a-dot child-friendly ones!

 Here's the fill-in O:

Finally, we worked on the letter Q.

Doesn't it just make sense to dress like a queen when you are doing the letter Q? I thought so! So she dressed up in her favorite dress up dress (a Wendy dress from 2 Halloweens ago) and my head piece from my wedding. Hey, it's pretty and when else is it going to get used?! Right :)

For our fun we did quill writing. Well, sort of quill writing. I couldn't find a feather to use so after an initial panic and then some scouring of my craft room, I found a flower on a floral pin that was in my wedding bouquet. It turned out to be a very wedding-y day! We looked at picture from google images of quill writing so that she knew a little more about what she was doing and then I gave her the "quill" and "ink pot." She picked brown paint because it was "close to black ink" (like black paint wouldn't have been closer?) I told her she could pick any color, but she was happy with brown.

Our field trip this week was one of the best experience we've ever had! We did a kids Build and Grow workshop at our local Lowe's home improvement store. We wanted to do a construction theme because of the letter C and we've been tinkering with some wood pieces and miscellaneous hardware pieces left over from a few projects. So, this workshop was the perfect field trip!

Since this was our first workshop experience we got a starter kit which included an apron and some safety goggles. Then we went to find a stop to work.

It was a great language building activity too. We talked about the parts that we were given, we followed directions, we used concepts like long and short.

It was great for motor development. She learned how to hold a hammer and use her wrist to wield it.

Even Little W got in on the hammer action!

Fine motor skills were used to place and push down the stickers.

The hardest part actually was learning how to use the pull back feature of the toy. She kept lifting up the back of the snail and releasing all of the built up energy that makes it propel forward. It took a while, lots of showing and re-showing, but she finally got it to go!

When we finished she received a certificate as well as a little iron-on patch that has the project on it. I can't wait to see how her apron looks as we earn more and more patches!

I think that celebrating this week with a construction project was great! If you are finishing this week and there is not a project planned at Home Depot or Lowe's, grab some treasures from around the house or a quick trip to a home improvement store and have fun just winging it!

For O you could visit an orange grove or an aquarium to see and octopus. For Q you could visit a quilt shop (or fabric store) or visit the queen maybe, if you can get an appointment :) If you do go visit the queen, I'd love to tag along! Although, I do love to spend hours in a fabric store, too :)

Have fun with C, O and Q. They seem to be tougher so some extra fun activities may be necessary. Let me know how it goes for you!

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