Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Writing Series - G and S

It was another challenging week with writing the G and the S, but she was more motivated as the letter S was the reason we are doing this series. But my favorite part of the week was our field trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. WOW! I hope that you read (or skip down to) that part!

In case you are new, here are some links you'll need:
  • Summer Writing Plan (here)
  • handwriting page (here) - write "G   G   G   g   g   g" or "S   S   S   s   s   s" and be careful of all extra links/downloads.

Here we go!  Here's what we did this week:
We started with the letter S:

Since last week's letters were challenging and G follows the same writing pattern (magic C shape), I wanted to give her some success with a letter. Plus, it was a desire of hers to be able to write a note to her friend Sam - so we started with S!

After practicing the letter formation, I took her table and tilted it so that we could write on it similar to having a chalk board on a wall or an easel. It was difficult for her to do the shaving cream all by herself but I let her try and then stepped in a did some hand-over-hand to get the table covered in Ss.

This activity actually reminded me a little bit of the Wet-Dry-Try from the letter C (check it out here). First she helped me write the Ss then she traced some of them.

Then, I let her go crazy and just enjoy it! She got really into swirling the shaving cream, making shapes and letters and numbers and pictures! Finally, when Little W got up from his nap, we let him join in the fun. Well, it wasn't so much fun in his opinion. I helped him touch the shaving cream but mostly he sat just like he is in the picture - hands up and away from the table! After quite a while he used the fork to move the shaving cream around, but I don't feel like this was his favorite activity.

Then we worked on the letter G:

G did prove to be a challenging letter, but you can't get better unless you practice. So, practice we did! We traced our page of letter Gs and then used glue sticks to write Gs on a paper. Then came the fun part - glitter! We sprinkled glitter on our glue-Gs. That blue circle-y thing is her capital G. I would recommend putting a pencil line on the paper for your child to trace. Even though our glue goes on purple (then dries clear), it was very hard for her to have a concept of what she had already done so she went back over it.

Most of writing involves fine motor skills, so if you work on developing fine motor skills in any area, the strength, coordination and endurance will transfer to handwriting.

We decided to have fun and work on our fine motor skills, using glitter and glue, on a coloring sheet. We both had fun! We worked on keeping the glue inside the lines, control of our arms, wrists and hands when we would pour the glitter out and problem solving when it was time to get the extra glitter back into the container.

This was a short week in terms of the number of letters we covered, but we still celebrated with a trip to see some giraffes! Now, if you don't live in the central Florida area, I would recommend a zoo visit. There are usually giraffes at zoos and many times you can hand feed them!

Well, we headed over to the hotel and let them know that we had lunch plans at Sanaa, a restaurant with "African cooking with Indian flavors" (check it out here). We got there with plenty of time to see the animals, do an activity (or four) and wait in the cool air conditioning for our reservation.

We decided that this was one of the best experiences we have every had at a Disney restaurant (and we've eaten a quite a few!) Here was our table, and you can't see it well in the picture, but there is a giraffe outside our window! 

Our food was delicious! We got a bread (naan) sampler platter with a bunch of accompaniments. Some were sweet, some spicy, all were delicious! We also got a dish that was sort of like a chicken stew that you put in a pita-like bread. It was amazing, too!

After enjoying the giraffes in the distance, we had a Crowned Crane come visit us. He was literally inches from us, only separated by the glass (which I think he must not have been able to see through as our movements didn't seem to bother him at all). We were so close in fact, we could see his eyes dilating! Apparently, there are quite a few other animals that pass by, too. We felt so blessed to be able to enjoy the ones that we saw!

We walked around after lunch and saw some more animals and participated in a stamping craft. We learned the African names for a bunch of animals as we talked with the employee. I know that there were a lot of pictures from our trip, but I do want you to know that I restrained myself quite a bit... my husband took almost 400 pictures in the few short hours that we were there! I picked the ones that showed off the activities the best. I hope that he will put the best images up on his site soon :) I'll link to that post when he does it!

If you can go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a trip, even if for a few hours, I highly recommend it.  Visit both sides of the hotel (I didn't even realize that the hotel was in two parts until yesterday!).

If you can't make it, try a zoo! I am sure that that would be amazing for any child as well. If that is not an option either, and you are set on giraffes, check out this zoo's website. It has a live stream of their giraffes here! Or go check out guitars a local music store. You could even visit a pet store and hold the guinea pigs.

Want a field trip for S? Try heading to a beach and playing in the sand. Or try a seafood restaurant. How about a local soccer game?

Have fun celebrating! Come back soon, I'll be doing some fun activities for A and I next!

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