Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Writing Series - T and J

This was the final week of our introduction to writing letters, our Summer Writing Series. I am sort of sad but it also means that school is starting at the end of this week! I can hardly believe it.  I think that Big Sister is going to have an amazing year in VPK (Voluntary PreKindergarten) and Little W is going to love his little pre-k class, too!

Here are some links you may need:
  • Summer Writing Plan (here)
  • handwriting page (here) - write "T   T   T   t   t   t" or "J   J   J   j   j   j" and be careful of all extra links/downloads. I do not like the way the J's turned out, they were missing the top line. So, she went ahead and wrote it the "way a J should be!"

Here we go!  This is what we did this week:

We started with T:

As for writing the letter T, that was fairly straight forward. One long line down, one little line across. It was just the motivation to practice that we needed to work on!

We had a good time finding and ripping into teeny tiny pieces old tissue paper, construction paper and paint chip cards.

  We collected them in a bowl and got to work glueing them on the letter T. If you were working on the sound that "t" represents, you could find pictures of "t" words in magazines, coupon flyers and other cut-up-ables and glue those on!

Finally, I cut out the T. It's beautiful! And it was quite simple :)

Our final letter was J:

Jewels may seem like a girly thing but every child enjoys sequins and things that sparkle! We glued the sequins on, but you could just as easily do craft store gems or beads - anything that makes it look fancy. We got to talk a lot about what gems are, their different colors and how they are mined (as much as I knew about the subject!).

Finally our field trip was great! Again, a little girly but I think a quick run through a jewelry store could be fun for even the most macho little men among you :) I just don't recommend having them try on the pretty jewelry!

Here are some highlights from our trip!

She thought it was very cool to try on rings, bracelets and necklaces. We learned about what gems are, where they come from, what birthstones are and what her's is :) It was a great experience. We could have made it a quick trip (and we would have been quick if Little W was with us but he was hanging out with Nana) or stayed even longer, but we didn't want to take up too much of the saleswoman's time. She was wonderful at explaining the different stones and so generous to let us try on anything Big Sister was interested in!

I hope that even if you have a son, that you will consider going on a field trip to a jewelry store. It was a great experience!

Need more field trip ideas? For T, maybe go get tacos at a fun restaurant. Or look at the trumpets at a music store. How about taking your little man to buy his very own tie? For J, visit your local Jeep dealership (I'm sure my husband would have LOVED that field trip!). Or you could rent some jet skis and take a ride. A simpler field trip could be to a local candy store and try some new jelly bean flavors.

What will you do for T and J?

Now that we are done with our Summer Writing Series and school is starting or has started, what would you like to have me write about? I haven't focused on disorders or really the activities that I do in therapy. Questions I can answer? Suggestions? Desires? Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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