Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Balls, Balloons and Bubbles - Ball & Cup Game

This simple ball game can be used to work on a variety of speech and language skills, many of them at the same time!

This was one of the best $3 purchases I've ever made. Each cup was $1 and the ball was $1, too! Plus the ball lights up. So cool! You can purchase any theme cup you want or use some cups you already have at home.

I used a few different levels of play for the kiddos that I work with. In all of the versions of the game each player has one cup and the adult starts with the ball. This game would work for a small group or family to play together, as long as each player has their own cup!

The simplest level is: Capture the Ball!
I rolled the ball towards the child and he would capture the ball by placing the cup over it.

Baseball Style Ball Game
In this version of the game I would roll the ball to the child and she would use the cup as if it were a baseball glove and scoop the ball into the cup using her free hand.

Cup Catch!
This is the most challenging version of the game. In Cup Catch I would toss the ball to the child and he would try to catch it in the cup. I varied how high and easy I tossed the ball based on the skill level of the child.

Ok, so you have the ball and you are ready to roll/toss it to your child. Before you pass the ball, make him work for it! He has to say a word, phrase or sentence or complete a language task...whatever you're working on with your child!

The best part is when your child makes you "work" to get the ball thrown back to you! Have him say a word for you to repeat! This is a good opportunity to take the level that he is currently working at and increasing it by one.

For example, in speech therapy if he is working at the word level ("book") and he tells you "say book!" that is the phrase level. If he is at the phrase level ("my book") then he'd need to say "now you say book" to be at the simple sentence level. Or he could ask you a question "what do you do with a book?" to say it at a longer sentence level.

If you are working on language skills, you can work on location concepts by telling him where to put the ball once he catches it. If you are working on body parts, he can point to a body part you name or name a body part that you are pointing to. If you are working on naming vocabulary, you can point/touch an object in the room and have him name it or show a picture of the vocabulary word and have him name it.

There are so many ways to play and speech and language skills to work on. Most importantly, have fun with your child doing speech homework!

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