Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Balls, Balloons and Bubbles - Beach Ball Bowling

I occasionally have families tell me that their child "won't do homework" with them. It usually is such a surprise to me as those same kiddos typically do the activities in speech with minimal redirection and with much excitement.

I want to share some of my favorite activities using simple everyday items. Let's start with the humble beach ball!

Last week, one of my kiddos spotted some bowling pins in my office. I had planned on using the beach ball for a ball-toss game, but since I love developing new activities and my theory on therapy is child-directed activities, I though "perfect! Let's do it!" Thus we created Beach Ball Bowling!

The object of the game was to knock down all three pins to earn a point. Pretty simple, huh? Well, since this is a speech kiddo (we are working on "s" and "ng") we needed to make sure that we were practicing our speech sounds in addition to earning points and having fun.

We came up with two modifications (but I am sure there are many other ways you could play!)

Beach Ball Bowling I

Say a speech word from the list or picture cards. Roll/Toss/Throw the ball at the pins. For each pin that was knocked down say that word again.

Beach Ball Bowling II

Roll/Toss/Throw the ball at the pins. For each pin that was knocked down, say a speech word.

Both games can be modified in terms of the level at which your child is speaking. If  your child is at the word level for his speech sounds, practice at that level. If he is working on sentences, practice at that level.

Bonus: If you knock down all three pins, you get a point!

We want to encourage kiddos to say as many words as possible and once they get a little older, say around 3rd grade, they learn to work the system and realize that if they don't knock down any pins they don't have to say anything. So having a reward for earning points is a good strategy to keep them motivated!

Here's how a round of our game went (used with parental permission of course!)

You could use this game to work on any skill - language skills, letter naming, rhyming, etc... How will you do Beach Ball Bowling?

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