Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Balls, Balloons and Bubbles - Football Fun

It's fall which means fall decorations, pumpkin treats and football! Lots of place give away footballs as marketing tools or you can find them at most big retailers. They come in all colors and sizes. And they can be used for a ton of speech and language therapy activities!

Football Fun with Prepositions!
One of my favorite Football Fun games is to toss the ball towards a chair then work on using simple prepositions: under the chair,  on the chair, near the wall, in front of the chair, behind the chair and if you have two chairs: between the chairs!

If you want to work on your child's understanding of prepositions, challenge him to get the ball to land in a specific spot. This can be very difficult but leads to lots of opportunities to use prepositions. "Oh man! We were trying to get the ball on the chair. Look, it landed under the chair. Let's try again!" Bean bags sometimes work better for this as they will stay where they land, but that's for another post!

Football Fun with Speech Sounds
Another Football Fun Game to work on speech sounds is to say your word when you catch the ball. Throw it to the other player. Then when the other player catches the ball they say the word and throw it back to you. When you catch it this time you say the word in a phrase and throw it back. If you both have said your words correctly you can shout "touchdown!" Do a little dance, too!

So, it would sound like this:
     You: "mouse" throw ball
     Child: "mouse" throw back
     You: "little mouse" throw ball
     Child: "litte mouse" throw ball
    Both: "touchdown!!!"

You could even go as far as using the word in a sentence! Or you could just do words. It all depends on what level your child needs to work!

Have fun, some Football Fun!

Want more fun speech and language activities? Let me know how I can help you and your child! Contact me!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Balls, Balloons and Bubbles - Bubble Blower

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Bubbles are fun for kids and adults! One of my favorite features, as a speech therapist, is that they run out of bubble juice and the child needs to ask for more. This leads to high motivation to practice whatever speech or language skill we are addressing!

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