Wednesday, December 17, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - 12 Dogs of Christmas

I got to go on a date night with my husband! Yea! We had a great time at his work Christmas party. And the kids got to hang out with Mimi :)

I gave her the book that they could open and read together. I knew that I wanted it to be a successful reading adventure, so I snuck a peak at which books were left and choose this one.

When someone is doing something for the first time, or in this case the first time in a long time, it's important to set them up for a positive experience. I let her know that naming the dogs and having fun reading was all that she needed to do!

She reported that they had a great time!

If I had been reading it with them I would have also included actions and possibly prepositional phrases. Each page has a dog or a few dogs doing something. This would be a great book to use to work on naming actions - some familiar and typical for dogs like sleeping or sniffing, and some are not typical dog actions like tight rope walking or wrapping gifts. Super fun!

If you work on prepositions you can name what is on, in, under, over, behind or in front of objects in the pictures! There are tons of simple pictures that you discuss.

Or this is a great book to leave with the babysitter so you can get out of the house... Whichever you do, read it or let the babysitter read it, I know your child will love it!

To read our mini review of this book, click here (book 20).

To get your own copy of this book, you can purchase it here:

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