Wednesday, December 10, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - Baby Jesus is Born

This is a poem style book that had way too many words for Little W.  One of the most important keys to successful reading with children is picking books that are developmentally appropriate.  For a 22 month old, every page should have anywhere from one word to one short sentence. This book is much more appropriate for Big Sister, age 5, with a handful of long, complex sentences.

Actually, the back of the book indicates that the interest level is ages 5-9, which makes a lot of sense. I like to look up developmental information about suggested age ranges, that is a good technique for knowing if a book is appropriate, but you can modify favorite books to make them simpler for children who are younger than the suggested age.

So, while I tried to read the poem, Little W twirled and wiggled on the couch. Not fun. Eventually, I reduced what I was saying to sound more like "Oh look Mary and Joseph are in the stable. Do you see the cow?" This got him back involved in the story. And he sat, sort of. Here is a picture of a successful moment!

For Big Sister, she needs to hear those complex sentences. It gives her the language input that is more advanced than her current language abilities so she can hear and someday use more complex language. 

To see our review of this book, click here (book 8).

To own a copy of this book, you can purchase it here:

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