Wednesday, December 10, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - The Christmas Story

We did a double header this night! We had a very busy weekend so we needed to do two books in one night. While this is fine for Big Sister, Little W cannot sit through two long books. Live and learn!

Our first book was The Christmas Story with Ruth J Morehead's Holly Babes. Little W loved the little babies on all of the pages!

This is a good book for talking about foreshadowing or inferencing with older preschool children. The story is actually a pageant with the Babes acting out the Christmas story. You get little glimpses of this throughout the story like the angel flying with the help of a rope and the curtains on the cover of the book. Little subtle things that your child may not pick up on. You can point them out and ask questions like "why do you think there's a rope in this picture?" or "why do you think the kids are bowing down?" at the end of the story.

For Little W we worked on vocabulary and feelings/emotion concepts. On one of the pages, Mary and Joseph felt tired, so we acted tired. On another page, the shepherds were filled with joy, so we got big happy smiles on our faces.

To read our review on this book, click here (book 18).

If you would like to have this book for your own Christmas collection, you can purchase it here:

Since it is a pageant, this would be a great book to act out the Christmas story with little figurines or by dressing up and having fun!

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