Wednesday, December 3, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - Christmas with Boz

This is one of my favorite Christmas books - Christmas with Boz by Mark Bernthal. I think it is so special because it was a Christmas gift from Big Sister's first teacher, Mrs. Davis. But I love the message of the book, too.

Tonight we talked a lot about traditions. The book talks about traditional Christmas activities like decorating the house, playing in the snow, eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, wrapping gifts and singing carols. We talked about the things that we do as a family.

While we don't get to play in the snow (not much snow in Central Florida!) we do some things outside like walk around the neighborhood and look at lights and decorations. We love hot chocolate so we talked about how last year we sat on the floor near the tree when the nights were cold (cold-ish!) and enjoyed steaming cups of hot chocolate.

All day we've been talking about wrapping gifts because Little W decided to start opening a new book first thing this morning instead of waiting until story time. But also because Big Sister found some wrapping paper scraps and decided to start wrapping her artwork up for us.

My favorite part of reading time tonight was actually signing. In the book the characters are singing carols. So we did too. Big Sister picked Away in a Manger.

This is also a great book to work on location concepts. The easiest location concepts involve places. Like where are they? Outside. Where do we eat? The dining room. Etc...

The next level of location concepts involves prepositional phrases like on, in, under, over, etc... We focused on using the word "on" tonight. What is on the snowman? A hat! What is on the shelf? a box of ribbons!

We also had them point to things like show me a girl who is on the sled. Or show me a cookie that is on the plate. Show me a star that is on the table.

Having them point to pictures on the pages keeps them engaged and attending to the story.

To see a review of this book, click here (book 4)

To get your own copy of this book, you can purchase it here:

I highly recommend this book! I hope that you can talk about traditions or things that you'll do this year to make it a wonderful holiday season!

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