Saturday, December 20, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - Corduroy's Christmas Surprise

We've been in a "talk about actions" kind of mood around here! Little W is beginning to combine words and a good way to increase the length of a child's statements is to add an action word to a noun (either action-noun or noun-action! for more information check out this post here).

So, as we went through Corduroy's Christmas Surprise we talked about all the things that Corduroy was doing. Even the first page gave us a good idea of what the book would be about "Corduroy's list of fun things to do at Christmastime went on and on and on." A book full of actions!

We did some paired reading with Big Sister, where I would start the sentence and she would finish it. Paired reading typically works best with rhyming books that are very familiar to the child. However, in this story there are some sentences that can easily be completed by using the picture. I would start the sentence "He had little gift for his guests, so he pulled out the -" and I pointed to the wrapping paper, the tape and the ribbons as Big Sister named them. On another page she finished the sentence: "and they were -" singing!

Not the perfect book for paired reading but it worked for us.

To read our review on this book, click here (book 15).

If you'd like to purchase this book for your own library, you can get it here:

Enjoy this heartfelt story about generosity and friendship!

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