Wednesday, December 17, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - The Night Before Christmas

These two tiny books were a delight to read again this year! And although it seemed that there were quite  few words on each page, the poem rhythm kept Little W's attention and Big Sister loved hearing the story again. Who doesn't love the whole poem starting with "Twas the night before Christmas...!"

We did a combination of acting out the story (readers theater style) hanging stockings, laying our finger "aside of our nose" and calling out "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" as well as pointing to body parts.

It's amazing how many body parts are listed in this poem: head, eyes, hoof (we talked about our feet and how reindeer feet are called hooves), dimples, cheeks and nose. Theres mouth, chin and of course my favorite: Belly! which shook when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly! I then got to tickle my kids bellies until they laughed!

It was great! We had so much fun with this classic!

After that we put Little W to bed and Big Sister and I read The Night Before Christmas in Florida. Last year she was familiar with a few of the local cities and attractions, but this year we were able to stop and talk about so many more!

Each time a familiar location or attraction was mentioned we paused and talked about it. "Oh, that's where the shuttle launches from, remember we saw the rocket go up the other day?" or during the part where Santa visits Disney we talked about how we are getting tickets to Disney for Christmas this year and how excited we are to go on specific rides or see special things at Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

If you do not live in Florida, Sue Carabine has written quite a few "Night Before Christmas in..." different states. As I have not read the others, I cannot give my opinion, but the Florida one is great!

To see our review, click here (book 5 and 6).

To purchase one or both of theses books, click the links below:


Here is the link to a bunch of Sue Carabine's Night Before Christmas books incase you are interested!

I hope that your family reads theses stories and has as much fun with them as we did!

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