Wednesday, December 10, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - The Nutcracker

Why do we read with children? Why do we read as adults? For entertainment? Yes. For education? Yes. But one of the most important reasons we read is that it is not possible to go everywhere in the universe and to see everything, so we need books to take us there. Books expose us to new places, ideas, concepts, people.

Books also provide a firm foundation that we can build upon. It gives children the opportunity to be introduced to - well, to anything!

In this story, Big Sister was introduced to how children and families celebrated Christmas in the early 1800s. Many of the tradition were familiar like the concept of giving gifts, beautiful decorations and celebrating with family and friends. Some things were new like waltzing at the party or calling Santa "Father Christmas" or having actual candles on the tree instead of electric lights.

This is not a read-it-in-one-night kind of book. It's a chapter book, and with a new book each night, we've not gotten very far in the story, but she is really enjoying it!

One of the "building on" things that we were able to talk about was an American Girls book about a girl named Samantha. We read all of the books in the Samantha series because we loved them so much! In one of the books, they celebrate Christmas. So we talked about how some of the traditions that Maria (from the Nutcracker) and Samantha (from the American Girls) had were similar to each other's and to our own. We discussed how they were different. It was a great conversation.

This book it definitely too much for Little W, but (had he been awake) this book has beautiful pictures that we could name and I could briefly tell the story as we quickly flipped the pages. Again, it's just an introduction.

If you would like to have a copy of this beautiful book for your Christmas collection, you can purchase it here:

A great extension idea, to keep building on this base, would be to find video clips of the ballet on Youtube and watch it together. I am excited about doing this!

The American Girl's book can be purchased here:

Regardless of which books you read, enjoy talking about traditions with your child! Talk about the things that you did as a child that are the same and different than how you are doing them now!

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