Friday, December 5, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - Sparkle Fun! Christmas Shapes

It's working well - each night one of my kids picks the book and the other gets to open it. It was sweet, Little W picked a book tonight, and was so excited to give it to Big Sister! I think this is good preparation for Christmas gifts!

We enjoyed exploring this book tonight. Since it is almost a word-less book (there's only one word on each page - a shape), it practically invited us in to explore it.  We used our own words and imaginations. We touched and pointed and moved the book (to make it sparkle).

With Little W (age 22 months), we talked about the shapes, body parts (a circle shaped reindeer nose) and colors. For Big Sister (age 5 years) we pretended to open gifts and tell what was inside and we talked about what would be written in a Christmas card (on the rectangle page). We also talked about shapes with Big Sister and introduced the shape: Cone.

Today, one of my clients had a great book and was really excited to share it with me: Counting Christmas by Karen Katz. We used that book to talk about vocabulary (like  "hearth"), use our imaginations, talk about synonyms (like "drowsy-sleepy") and prepositions. In the picture below, we created a hearth that matched the one in his home and then like the story said, we put things above/over the hearth. Because we are working on other prepositions we also put things "on" the hearth. He loved this activity and we used a lot of specific language concepts!

To see our review of the Sparkle Fun! Christmas Shapes book, click here (book 7).

To purchase a copy of the second book for your home library, check out this link (I couldn't find the Sparkle Fun book for sale online, sorry!):

As simple as our book (Sparkle Fun! Christmas Shapes) is, we used a lot of language as we explored each page. I hope that you find a similar book to enjoy with your child!

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