Wednesday, December 10, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - The Very First Christmas

Well, we are really getting into the opening of the books. So much so, that when I realized which book it was I got a little nervous and said multiple times "be very careful!" That book is older than I am!

I think that we need some more interactive pop-up style books. Both kids enjoyed reading/listening while I moved the pages to show off the popped-up scenes. And they loved moving the moveable pieces (like the guard's arm).

Tonight we focused on the enjoyment of reading. We treated it as if it were a word-less book and just talked about the pictures and what was happening.  It was great!

We re-told the Christmas story in our own words and recalled details from the story. At one point, Big Sister stopped us and asked, "wait, there were 3 Wise men right?" She couldn't find the third one in the picture. It was a great connecting the dots moment for her. When children realize that something is missing, they are using lots of cognitive skills and for her to formulate a question that clearly communicated her confusion was a great demonstration of really knowing the story! (and paying attention to this one!)

To read our mini-review of this book, click here (book 24).

To get your own copy of this book, you may be able to purchase it here:

Do you have any favorite pop-up Christmas books? I'd love any suggestions!

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