Monday, December 1, 2014

25 Books of Christmas - We're doing it again!

We really enjoyed the 25 Books of Christmas series we did last year (well, they didn't realize it was a series, Big Sister just thought it was cool to open up a "new" book each night) and I loved preping the books for this year with leftover wrapping paper. It made today a breeze! I wrapped a handful of books and just took the others out of the vacuum pouch I had stored them in :)

Now we are ready to go for the whole month (well, we still need a new bible...not sure what we are going to do for a new bible this year as we just got one, but I do know that I will not be adding it to the box of 25 Books - I am preemptively avoiding a meltdown like last year!).

Here's a recap of last years books (in last years order) with short descriptions of each book:

2013 25 Books of Christmas - Days 1-4 (here)
2013 25 Books of Christmas - Days 5-10 (here)
2013 25 Books of Christmas - Days 11-17 (here)
2013 25 Books of Christmas - Days 18-25 (here)
2013 25 Books of Christmas - Ready for Next Year (here)

My plan is to have my kids open and read (or listen to!) one book each night and then I'll write about what language or speech activities that we do while we read. I really hope to do a few craft activities as well... we'll see how that goes!

Ok, are you ready for this Christmas season? I'm feeling excited about this!

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