Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to play a game Dice Free!

Yikes! Today I had a moment of panic! I had pulled out a therapy game to play with a kiddo and realized that I just upgraded my phone and had forgotten to put the dice app back on. So there I was with a super fun game to play and no dice. What's a person to do?!

Well, I realized that I had all I needed right there with me paper, scissors and a writing instrument (and the scissors are really not totally necessary since you can just rip the paper if you need to!). I created Paper Balls!

This is a quick and easy way to play a game even without a die (or dice app!). Here's what you do:

First, cut out the number of squares that you want to use for your game (sometimes I'll use 1-6, other times I will do numbers 2-4 twice - that's for those times when I want the game to last longer and I no one really likes going just one space, so I use the numbers that I feel fit the situation). Because our game was a Cooties-style game, we needed numbers 1-6 to collect all of the pieces to complete our penguins.

Then, write your numbers on the cards. I don't like to use markers for this as I don't want the numbers to show through. I used a pen, but crayon is a good choice too! If your child is working on writing, have him write the numbers. Or you can use dots like on dice. Or tally marks. Really, do what you want to represent the number!

Ok, here's the fun part: CRUMPLE them up! This is a good fine motor skill. First I have the child place the square on his hand and push down in the middle to make a dent. Then he curls his other hand around his finger to crumple up the piece. Pretty simple!

Scrunch them up really good!

Ta da! Now you have the little balls of paper to help you play your game! I've had kiddos that like to pick up all of the balls and shake like crazy then let one fall out to determine the number. I've had other kiddos who like to have the balls in a little zip top baggie and they will choose one at a time then put it back. Really, there's no wrong way to do it! Today my client shook the paper balls, then gave one to me and one to himself. For our game once we had both collected the item associated with that number, I put that number to the side so our game went faster.

So, in review:
  • cut out squares
  • write the numbers on them
  • crumple them up
  • play a game
  • have fun!!!

I've used other methods when I've forgotten (lost) my dice like pulling paper strips with numbers written on one side. I've done games where the child reaches in a bag and pulls out a poker chip with a number written on it. I've written numbers on plastic spoon and craft sticks. Spinners work well too!

Have fun!

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