Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pom Pom Drop! A fun way to work on any skill!

Wow, did I stumble onto a fun, easy and engaging craft activity that you can use to work on just about any skill - speech, language, letter recognition, number recognition... I could go on and on!

We have been talking about space at our house and since we've covered just about every space topic that a 5 and 2 year old can handle (and then some!), we've moved to the concept of gravity. After searching for some ideas I found a few fun things on Pinterest (check out my summer home-school board here for some more ideas).

We used the force of gravity to pull the pom poms out of our hands and watched them splatter on the floor causing the paint on the pom poms to make wonderful designs on our paper!

Now, you try it!

Set it Up

We protected the floor with an old, plastic table cloth and taped a large sheet of craft paper to it. I let the kids pick out a few colors each. We ended up with yellow, black, blue, green and white. I put about a tablespoon worth of paint in different muffin tin spots and added one pom pom to each color.

On the craft paper I wrote the word "gravity" after we looked it up in a dictionary and had Big Sister spell it to me (not that I couldn't spell it! But it was good practice doing research.)

You Can Do It, too!

I helped the kids onto the table and stayed close by the whole time! I demonstrated the task and we talked about what was happening (the force of gravity pulled the pom pom to the ground). Then we had fun taking turns selecting colors and aiming for different spots (next to the yellow splat, or on the letter 'v').

After a while, sitting gave way to laying on their stomachs! It was great fun! We dropped, tossed and threw the pom poms toward the paper to see the different shapes and sizes we could make.

Make it Just Right for Your Child!

While we were dropping the pom poms I realized we could have written just about anything on the paper and talked about it when we hit that spot!

For speech sounds: write the letter sound that you are working on or glue picture cards and aim away! When the pom pom lands on or near that picture or letter, say it!

For language development: glue picture cards of vocabulary words (colors, class vocabulary, action words, basic first words, etc...) or use prepositions (on, near, off, etc...) to tell where your pom pom landed. Talk about the word that your pom pom lands on or near!

For letter or number recognition, write letters or numbers or both all over the craft paper and name the letter or number when one of the pom poms lands on or near it!

For other skills, represent the skill in some way on the paper and work on that skill when the pom pom lands on it!

Tips for a great experience:

  • Have baby wipes or wet paper towels for quick clean up.
  • The thinner the paint the more it will splatter (we liked more splatter!)
  • Next time I wouldn't use matching paint to pom pom colors, it made it harder to see the pom poms in the paint. The pom poms in paint of a different color were easier to see.
  • Play along too! I had a great time aiming for the letters, shouting "gravity!" and making exploding noises.
  • Use clothes pins to grab and then release the paint covered pom pom if your child doesn't like paint on their fingers!
  • Don't want to make a mess inside? Take it outside! We could have used the second story of our play set to drop the pom poms...what splats that would have made!

How did it work for you? Do you have any extra tips? Thanks for sharing!

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