Monday, July 20, 2015

10 Ways to Count to 10

10 m and m candies used to practice one to one correspondence and counting skills

Counting to 10 and one-to-one correspondence (the ability to accurately point to an object while you count it) are important pre- kindergarten skills.

But just counting to 10 can get super boring and isn't really practical! How often do you just count? (besides those times when you are counting '1 - 2 - 3! Ok, time out!' and you feel like you are just counting to yourself!!)

So, have your child count for a purpose.

Here is a list of 10 ways to count to 10 that are meaningful and actually could happen in everyday life:

1. Count 10 block for each person and build towers. Who will build it taller?

2. Count 10 crayons and make a beautiful picture. Who can we send the picture to? (this is working on coloring and name writing skills, too!)

3. Count 10 beads and make necklaces or bracelets. Where can we wear our jewlery?

4. Count 10 cars for a race or 10 cars in a parking lot. Which car goes faster?

5. Count 10 grapes as a part of your snack. Is 10 enough or do you need more?

6. Count 10 cards (or sets of cards) to play a memory game. How many matches did you get?

7. Count 10 books to check out from your library. Find some books on counting! (Try 10, 9, 8 by Molly Bang, here's an activity to go with it here!)

8. Count 10 stickers then make a picture with them. Turn your pictures into cards and send them to a nursing home to cheer someone up!

9. Count 10 hops when playing hopscotch! Lots of counting practice here! How far will you get? (for another hopscotch skill check this idea out!)

10. Count 10 M & Ms, marshmallows or cookies for dessert. Can you create a design with your snack?

a pre kindergarten child using candies to count to 10a pre kindergarten child using candies to count to tena pre kindergarten child designing with candies after counting to ten

She created a few designs with her candies and then couldn't wait to gobble them up!

Have fun with these simple and relevant ways to count to 10!!

one to one correspondence with m and m candies

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