Sunday, July 19, 2015

Creating a Cutting Basket for Cutting Practice Anytime!

There will be lots of cutting activities to do in kindergarten! If your child is struggling to use scissors, he will spend more time frustrated with the physical part of the task (and will perhaps end up ripping the paper) instead of learning and practicing the academic skill the teacher is targeting.

For some families, having a Cutting Basket just out on the table would be a very, very bad idea! In our home, we have to limit access to the scissors since Little W is almost 2 1/2. Although, when he has found some scissors, he has made good far!

So, a Cutting Basket can be available all the time or just when you put it out for your child. You know what's best for your family! We have a tub that is filled with old scraps of paper, a few pairs of scissors, glue and paint chip samples.

Some other good items for a cutting basket could be:

  • construction paper
  • scrapbooking paper
  • card stock
  • tissue papper
  • foam sheets
  • paper plates
  • paper napkins
  • paper towels
  • paper bags
  • old circulars from the grocery store
  • junk mail
  • coupons from the paper
  • old magazines
  • pages from the printer that you are using
  • unused coffee filters
  • colorful muffin tin liners
  • old greeting or holiday cards
  • drinking straws
  • crepe paper
  • yarn
  • ribbons
  • thread
  • easter grass
  • basket filler (that crinkled stuff)
  • old gift bows
  • fall leaves
  • gift wrap paper scraps
  • felt
  • fabric
  • etc...
Really, I'd just look around the house and grab a handful of things I don't mind the kids cutting up!

Don't forget to put in large piece of paper and a glue stick in there too so they can use their imaginations to make wonderful pieces of art!!

One tip that I've seen is to to connect the scissors to the cutting basket with a ribbon so that they don't travel throughout the house! But as always, keep your eyes on your kiddos!

Now, go have fun creating a Cutting Basket for your home!

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