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Identifying Logos in the Community (a Before Kindergarten activity)

playing a pre-reading game; Identifying Logos in the Community

Did you know that being able to recognize the golden arches of McDonald's is a pre-reading skill!?

The act of reading is basically looking at a symbol and giving it meaning. In the case of letters, we see a letter that represents a sound. We see a group of them and we put all of those sounds together to form a word. We put words together to makes sentences.

But it all goes back to those crazy little designs we call letters. Did you know that the design we call: "A" only is called "A" because we all agree that it's an "A" and represents the sound "a" or "aaaa." If we didn't all agree that "A" represents "a" and each of us came up with our own letter-sound correspondence, reading would be impossible!

You can help your pre-reader by encouraging them to make the connection between a sign, symbol or logo and the meaning. How can you do that?

Set It Up!

Grab your smart phone or camera and go to places that you and your child visit. At the park - take a picture of the park sign. At Publix (or other grocery store) - snap a shot of that giant P or the whole name on the building. After you have a set of your favorite locations, get the pictures printed and you can play some games.

playing a pre-reading game; Identifying Logos in the Community

You Can Do It, Too!

If you make two copies of the pictures, you can play a memory game. "I got Publix and Chick-Fil-A. Not a match!"

Or you could lay out a set of cards and play "I Spy." "I Spy a place where we like to eat." "Chick-Fil-A?" "Nope. We eat barbeque there." "Sonny's!" "Yes!"

Once he is good with the "I Spy" game, you can play a describing game. Draw a card from the pile and describe the store or location. Then it's your child's turn to describe. It will be interesting to hear how your child describes what you do at different stores!

playing a pre-reading describing game; Identifying Logos in the Communityplaying a pre-reading describing game; Identifying Logos in the Community

You can even let your child know that you will be running errands and then show him the pictures of the places you guys will visit. Let him name them as you lay them out.

As he learns them, you can place all of the pictures in a simple photo album. Then he can "read" the book of all of your favorite places.

Make it Just Right for Your Child!

If the locations are meaningful to your child, he will learn them more quickly.

Once he knows your most common locations, you can add in others that you see but don't visit as frequently. Bathroom signs, transportation signs, wet floor signs, etc...

Point them out as you see them to draw his attention to the symbol and discuss what they mean and why they are there. "Oh, do you see that yellow sign. It has a man who is falling! He is slipping on something. I think the people here at this store want us to know that we could slip if we went where the sign is. That is a 'wet floor' sign."

Finally, encourage your child to look around and spot things that he doesn't know. When he identifies an unfamiliar sign, talk to him about it. Recognizing that you don't know something is an important skill, too!

playing a pre-reading game; Identifying Logos in the Community

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